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Last comments for strlen()

On 05. Feb 2013 07:51 butzi wrote:

@mjb4: the charset is a general problem. PHP uses ISO, this site UTF-8. I plan to fix this, but in a way everyone can be happy with this, so it takes some time.

On 04. Feb 2013 19:57 mjb4 wrote:

Theres a problem this will not return the correct value for strings containing chars which are not in the charset, they will just be ommitted

On 14. Aug 2012 13:59 butzi wrote:

@ROCKESH RONITH: what are you testing? Results for me are correct. Maybe there is a multi-byte problem with the charset?

On 26. May 2012 13:28 ottegah wrote:

cool, but some wrote 7, why?

On 31. Oct 2011 17:13 webelite wrote:

Very good use - always at hand :) Thanks

On 08. Dec 2010 16:15 Lukasz wrote:

good job, very useful. Thanks!